F.R.O.N.C.H.A.K. Benefits

FOCUS – You can focus on what is important to you and don’t worry about your accounting – leave that to me!  You can focus on sales, business growth, and spending more time with your family.  I will also provide you with the necessary reports, analysis and advice to help you.

RELIABILITY – Accounting is my business and I am interested in long term business relationships.  You do not have to worry about employee turnover after training them due to boredom or other opportunities.

OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE – Since I work independently from your company, I will offer insights that are unbiased with no emotional ties that an internal employee would not be able to provide.

NO CAPITAL EXPENDITURES – As an external Accountant, you do not have to worry about providing me with an office space, a desk, a computer or software!  I have all of this at my own expense.

COST SAVINGS – Only pay for what you need – whether it is only a few hours a week or a couple of days a month.  Combined with no capital expenditures and no payroll taxes or expenses, you will save money.

HIRING EMPLOYEE NOT REQUIRED – You don’t have to worry about hiring, training, and losing a part time or full time employee with an external Accountant.  No payroll taxes or vacation time or pay, and no employee benefits.  Although I do charge HST – you get this back through your sales tax filing.

ACCESSIBILITY – We can meet at times that work best for you – whether it is during the day, the evening, or even on a weekend if needed.  I am also accessible by phone and email.

KNOWLEDGE – As an Accounting Professional, I have the knowledge to provide you expert advice for your business.